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Always try, to be nice and never fail to be kind.
- The Doctor

I am an 18 year old Computer Engineering student who somehow still manages to have time to write About Me paragraphs and play video games on the Internet. I'm also interested in computer hardware and software, so I spend almost all of my free time around computers. That means that I'm a big nerd, in case you haven't guessed already. I, along with the help of a few others, maintain the Community Technical Help forum section for Robocraft. If you want help with a Robocraft issue, feel free to contact me, and I'll try to help!

If you want more information about how wonderful I am, or just actually useful stuff, click the buttons. You know you want to click the buttons... It's like Cookie Clicker all over again, except with cooler animations, and less addictive. Who am I kidding, it's nothing like Cookie Clicker!?

Robocraft Troubleshooting
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Email: ngniusness@gmail.com
Discord: NGnius#0864
Steam: NGnius(ness)

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