Technologists is an online group made up of Robocraft players who want to find others like them. We enjoy playing and discussing Robocraft along with a diverse range of other games and subjects. The Technologists group strives for a casual, fun environment. We try to ensure that everyone feels included, and that everyone has some fun every once in a while. Due to our small size we don't organize our own events, but we sometimes attend other events.

At the moment we are mostly inactive. Our Discord server is still monitored, but most other contact methods are not

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Member Rules (outdated)
    All members must be at least active twice a week in Robocraft or on our Discord server or will be kicked from the clan.
    All members must maintain a positive presence throughout the community; anyone who gets in trouble outside of our clan in the gaming community will receive two warnings, not just one.
    Everyone must be friendly to everyone else (insults and humour at someone else’s expense are excepted, within reason).
    If you break any rules within a two weeks of your acceptance you will be kicked without any warnings.
    Anyone not abiding by these rules will be banned from our clan after three warnings.
Application Rules (outdated)
    Applicants must be above level 50 in-game and provide a screenshot (unedited) to prove this.
    Applicants must be members of our discord server and have socialized with current members before submitting an application.